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Case Study 2 - Succession Planning

The objective of this project was to support our client in developing talent strategies and succession plans to ensure that the organization has the right talent in place to support its continued growth.


Project Scope

  • Talent needs assessment across different levels of the organization

  • Identification of critical positions for succession planning

  • A holistic review of current bench-strength to identify risk areas; recommendation of mitigation measures

  • Structured development programmes for potential successors

  • On-going review and monitoring of progress

Our Approach

  • Strong collaboration with the client to understand strategic goals and identify talent needs

  • A systematic succession planning mechanism for regular bench-strength review

  • Robust assessment of workforce to identify key strengths and development needs

  • Individualized development programme to prepare potential successors 



  • Critical positions with succession risks identified and mitigation measures in place

  • A robust succession planning mechanism established to enable regular review of bench-strength by the client

  • A sustainable talent pipeline created across various job functions and levels

  • Regular check-points to track readiness of potential successors for critical positions

Concluding Remark

Our succession planning project is designed to help organizations optimize their workforce potential. We work closely with our clients to establish a robust succession planning mechanism, build a sustainable talent pipeline, and develop individualized programmes for potential successors. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your organization to unlock the full potential of its human capital through succession planning.

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