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Case Study 3 - Cultural Change

The objective of this project was to support the client's culture change initiative by designing and delivering a series of workshops to embed the new vision, mission, and values within the organization. The aim was to foster a positive and values-driven culture and align employees' behaviors with the company's strategic objectives.


Project Scope

  • A series of workshops for over 1,200 senior managers, managers, and senior supervisory staff

  • Workshops with experiential learning, action planning, and coaching skills development

  • Individual action plans linked back to departmental objectives

  • Coaching skills and knowledge for peer coaching to sustain the learning momentum

Our Approach

  • A combination of experiential learning and action planning to help participants understand and internalize the new vision, mission, and values

  • Coaching skills development for managers  to help them support their teams in aligning their behaviors with the company's strategic objectives

  • Discussion outputs from the workshops incorporated as behavioral indicators under each core value to guide employees' behaviors



  • Fostered a positive and values-driven culture within the organization

  • Employees' behaviors more aligned with the company's strategic objectives, resulting in improved performance

  • The coaching skills development helped managers support their teams, resulting in improved employee engagement and retention

Concluding Remark

Our culture change project is designed to help organizations align their employees' behaviors with their strategic objectives and foster a positive and values-driven culture. We regard coaching as a powerful tool for empowering managers to guide their teams and encourage positive behavior.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization foster a positive and values-driven culture through action planning and coaching.

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